Water dispenser with refrigerator from Modex

Water dispenser with refrigerator from Modex
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SKU: MODEX-13-WD6040
Vendor: Modex
185,000 IQD
Refrigerator Modex is equipped with an internal refrigerator It is equipped with a fast cooling capacity It works with the compressor system It is equipped with a water tank of 5 liters of stainless steel Equipped with a water cooling and heating system Equipped with a fast cooling system Equipped with a rapid heating system Designed specifically for tropical hot regions The detachable and cleanable water dispenser has a stylish and contemporary design Equipped with easy-to-press handles A refrigerator to keep food and drinks 20 liters Equipped with an indicator light for operation Equipped with a luminous button for preparing hot water Illuminated button for cold water readiness Safety lock system to protect children from running hot water 120W water cooling power 420W heating power Protection system to prevent water leaks from the water faucet Double protection system to keep the device longer life