Samovar 3.2 liters of the brand MODEX

Samovar 3.2 liters of the brand MODEX
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Vendor: Modex
159,000 IQD
It has a capacity of 2200 watts Self-stop system in the absence of water. The diaper system is equipped with the hot water system Self-stop system to ensure long life of the device A self-stop system to prevent the temperature from rising above the set temperature. An electronic micro-sensor equipped with three functions for boiling water and preparing tea and coffee Has heat-insulated handles for easy portability Concealed stainless steel water heater A light indicator lights up when boiling and another when heated with a tap made of metal bound to heat to stabilize the water temperature at 100 - 95 - 90 - 85 - 75 Celsius It is equipped with a stainless steel filter to filter tea and coffee 1 Liter Thermal Ceramic Beaker Thermometer to read water temperature A stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 2.3 liters Stylish design, classic and contemporary at the same time, decorated with a fireplace from the bottom of the appliance