Modex 1400 watt vertical vacuum cleaner

Modex 1400 watt vertical vacuum cleaner
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Vendor: Modex
149,000 IQD
With a capacity of 1400 watts 7 meter electrical plug Suction power and working period function Bluetooth dirt crunching system Permanent filter for longer life The volume of dust and dirt storage is 2.5 liters The bluetooth filter system has an efficiency of more than 99 Mattress height regulator to get the best results on all types of floors Storage system on the surface of the broom Container cleaning is simple and fast A handle used for cleaning up places and exports The cooker HEPA bluetooth aromatherapy outlet air purifier Small narrow brush with crevice tool Rear storage for aircraft and electrical wire It has a distinctive and modern design Class A electricity consumption system High accuracy in removing dirt and dust, up to 100 points Easy to sweep the stairs with the flexible hose attachment